Maria Isabel Restrepo
Maria Isabel Restrepo Ruiz

I’m working in a project in collaboration with Alayacare. The project is divided into two parts. The first part consists in forecasting the demand for home health care services. The second part involves the development of exact hybrid methods to solve integrated staffing and scheduling problems for home health care employees with multiple skills.

Articles published or accepted in refereed journals

Restrepo M I, Gendron B, Rousseau L-M, (2017), “Combining Benders Decomposition and Column Generation for Multi-Activity Tour Scheduling”, Computers & OR Journal.

Restrepo M I, Gendron B, Rousseau L-M, (2016), “Branch-and-Price for Personalized Multi-Activity Tour Scheduling”, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 28:2, 334-350.