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Chun Cheng

Chun Cheng is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics at Polytechnique Montreal, under the supervision of Professors Louis-Martin Rousseau and Yossiri Adulyasak. Her research interests include theory and applications of robust optimization, vehicle routing problem, and reliable supply chain network design. In the first part of her PhD project, Chun has developed Branch-and-Cut algorithms for a drone routing problem, where various cuts are proposed for a nonlinear energy function. In the second part, she applies a two-stage robust optimization method for a reliable fixed-charge location problem. For the third part of her project, she is currently working on an inventory routing problem with uncertainty, where robust optimization and stochastic optimization methods might be applied.



Articles published or accepted in refereed journals

Cheng C, Qi M, Zhang Y, Rousseau L-M, (2018), “A two-stage robust approach for the reliable logistics network design problem”, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 111, pp.185-202.

Cheng C, Qi M, Rousseau L-M, (2018), “A Fuel Consumption Optimization Model for the Multi-Period Inventory Routing Problem”, Accepted in Transportation Research Record Journal.